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Pregnant Victim of Slip and Fall Accident Receives $1.3 Million from Walmart

A Georgia jury recently awarded $1.3 million to a young woman who claimed she suffered a permanent and painful back injury from a slip and fall accident in a Walmart store.

According to the report, at the time of the accident (August 2010), the victim was walking down an aisle between clothing and frozen foods when she fell. At the time, the 22-year-old victim was eight months pregnant with her second child.

The young victim did not seek treatment immediately after the fall. However, once she left the store’s premises and returned to her home, her back pain worsened and she began having contractions. After visiting the emergency room, the victim was able carry the baby to term without complications.  However, her she continued to experience consistent back pain.

The victim stated that her fall was caused by a wet, slippery, slick area on the floor that resembled oil. Her complaint against the popular mega-store, alleged that Walmart was negligent for failing to keep its premises safe as well as to properly maintain and inspect the area.

Doctors diagnosed her with an annular fissure, a spinal disc injury. Generally, such injuries cannot be surgically repaired and cause intense pain. To help reduce her need for pain medications, doctors implanted a device called a spinal cord stimulator. The stimulator sends electrical signals to the brain to block pain signals. Due to complications from the first procedure, a second procedure was required to implant the device.

As a result of the injury, the victim’s medical bills totaled $171,000, with future medical expenses speculated to reach $730,000 if she were to retain the implanted stimulator.

Slip and fall injuries can occur anywhere at any time. The result of these unexpected occurrences can have a significant impact on your daily life and health. If you have been the victim of a slip and fall injury, due to someone else’s negligence, contact an experienced New York accident attorney at Ernest Holzberg and Associates. A skilled attorney can secure damages for medical bills, lost earnings, future lost earnings, and much more.


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