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BBQ Safety Precautions

During the warm summer months, many people enjoy barbequing.  In fact, three out of five households own grills.  However, it is important to exercise safety precautions to ensure that your summertime festivities don’t require a trip to the emergency room.  In 2012, nearly 17,000 individuals were brought to hospitals for emergency treatment due to grill injuries.  Additionally, the National Fire Protection Agency estimates that 8,800 home fires occur each year due to grill use.

Injuries from a grill can be serious and include burns of various degrees, blisters, eye injuries, and smoke inhalation.  Whether you are using a gas grill, or a charcoal grill, it is important that you know how to operate it properly.  Some safety precautions to take when using a grill:

  • Only use your grill outside
  • Do not allow children and pets near the grill
  • Make sure the grill is in working order before use
  • Clean the grill after each use
  • Do not leave the grill while it is in operation
  • Keep flammable objects away from the grill
  • Keep a fire extinguisher on hand in the event of an emergency

Injuries can also arise if the grill itself was defective.  A defective grill can cause explosions, fires, over smoking, melting, and gas leaks.  A number of grills have been recalled for defects in the last decade.  Before you begin grilling this summer, check to make sure yours was not one of them, as many consumers are often unaware of recalled products.

If you have suffered a BBQ grill burn resulting from a defective grill, or someone else’s negligence, contact an experienced attorney to discuss your legal remedies.  Call The Law Office of Ernest Holzberg & Associates today at (212) 391-1139 to schedule your free consultation.


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