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The Risk of Tanning Salons

Many people enjoy having a summery, bronzy glow year round.  To accomplish this, people often head to tanning salons where they will undergo basking in a UV light emulating the sun’s rays.  However, using a tanning bed is not safer than tanning outside.  It still presents health hazards, including increasing the risk of melanoma, skin cancer, wrinkles, and the potential for blindness if eye protection is not worn.  According to a study conducted by JAMA Dermatology, tanning beds are responsible for 419,000 new skin cancer cases each year.

In April, the New York State attorney general filed a lawsuit against two tanning salon chains on the grounds that they deceptively promoted tanning as having health benefits, failed to warn about the potential to cause cancer, and downplayed the risks associated with it.  In fact, certain countries have banned tanning salons entirely and others have placed strict age restrictions on it.

In addition to its potential to cause cancer, there are other risks associated with tanning beds.  JAMA has reported that 3,234 people visit emergency rooms annually for injuries caused by tanning beds.  The most commonly complained of injuries included burns, fainting, and eye injuries.  Severe burns constituted 80% of the injuries treated.  If a timer malfunctions, causing a person to remain in the tanning bed longer than is safe, permanent skin damage could occur.

Besides burns and eye injuries, a visit to the tanning salon can also result in infection due to contact with bacteria from unclean tanning beds.  It is necessary that the beds be cleaned with proper chemicals in order to avoid contamination.

Legally, a tanning salon must warn its customers of the risks associated with using tanning beds.  If you have visited a tanning salon and have suffered injuries due to employee negligence or malfunctioning equipment, you may be entitled to receive compensation for your injuries.  Such compensation may include covering the costs associated with medical care, loss of work due to the injury, in addition to pain and suffering.  Contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss your legal remedies.  Call Ernest Holzberg & Associates at (212) 391-1139.


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