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Police Misconduct and False Arrest

While police officers provide a variety of necessary and valuable services to the community, there are occasions when an officer's actions may violate legal boundaries of expected police conduct. The consequences of police officer misconduct can be extremely devastating. Many victims of police officer misconduct have been unlawfully arrested, detained, prosecuted, and sometimes injured.

At Ernest Holzberg & Associates, we have proudly helped numerous clients vindicate their rights after being subjected to police officer misconduct. Our experienced attorneys and staff have handled a wide array of claims involving police officer misconduct, including:

  • Illegal Search and Seizures
  • Illegal Strip Searches
  • Assault
  • False Arrests
  • Using Excessive Force
  • Police Brutality
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Section 1983 Claims Against the Police
  • Section 1983 Claims Against the City of New York

Title 42, Section 1983 of The United States Code protects any citizen of the United States from being deprived of constitutional rights and privileges by the government or any government-related entity. This means that police officer misconduct is both illegal and unconstitutional.

Subject to certain exceptions, a police officer generally cannot arrest an individual without probable cause, meaning that the officer has a reason to believe that the individual has committed a crime. Unfortunately, police officers occasionally arrest individuals with full knowledge that an individual did not violate the law or that the crime they are charged with is not an arrest-worthy offense. False arrests may include: illegal weapons arrests (for legally held knives or guns), arrests without probable cause, and more.

If you or a loved one has been subjected to police misconduct, you may be entitled to compensation. Generally, lawsuits brought against the government are subject to strict time limitations to file a claim. Failure to act quickly may affect your ability to recover your damages. Contact Ernest Holzberg & Associates at (212) 391-1139 or click here. Let us help renew your sense of confidence in the legal system.

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