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Ride Safely in the Back of a Yellow Cab

NYC TaxiI don’t know about you but most of the time I’m getting around New York City by public transportation, in other words, the subway. It’s cheap, convenient and fast. Of course, there are those times when you need a taxi cab, such as when it’s late at night, it’s raining or you are just too tired to climb the subway steps.

When you get into the back of the taxi it’s tempting to just say where you are going and then lean back and relax. Before you do that please, put on your seatbelt. Take a look at the plastic divider in front of you. It’s hard, it’s got metal, its really close to your face. If there is an accident and you’re not belted in the back, your face is probably going to hit that divider hard.

Personal injury lawyers like myself see these“divider injuries” over and over again. Broken noses, facial cuts requiring stitches, lost teeth, months of reconstructive dental work. Sure you will be able to sue for your injuries, but the defendants will likely claim a “seatbelt defense”, which could reduce your recovery. More importantly, you may have permanent facial scars or lose some of your natural teeth.

Years ago, it was common to get into the back of a yellow or gypsy cab and not be able to find a working seatbelt. That is not true anymore. Cabs are required to have working seatbelts for three passengers in the back and the taxi inspectors check this regularly. (Take a look at the Taxi and Limousine Commission website www.nyc.gov/tlc). If it’s dark and you can’t find the buckle, just ask the driver to turn on the light.

Please do not get lazy and think to yourself “it’s a ten minute ride home, nothing is going to happen”. That’s when accidents happen.

So, what is the number one rule for riding safely in the back of a cab? PUT ON YOUR SEATBELT!

If you, or someone you know, has been injured in an accident.  Please don’t hesitate to call our NYC personal injury attorneys at (212) 391-1139.  Our  attorneys will help you to file your case and get the compensation you deserve.


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