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Taxi Jumps Curb Injuring 3 Pedestrians

In Manhattan’s Upper East Side, three people were hospitalized after a cab jumped a curb on the morning of July 5th, 2014. The driver apparently lost control of his taxi, consequentially endangering the lives of nearby pedestrians.

According to reports, the taxi was traveling southbound on York Avenue between 78th and 79th streets when it […]


Cameras are Rolling!

You have just been in a car accident, either as a driver or passenger. What should you do first? We all know the answer: call 911 to summon the police and ambulance to the accident scene.

What should you do while you’re waiting for the police? You’re not bleeding, no obvious signs of injury, no […]


What is ‘Venue’?

In which court will your case be filed? Many people think that your case will be brought in Manhattan, because that is where we have our office. Or, you might think that the choice is made based on where the accident happened. Neither is correct.

As your attorney, one of the important choices we make […]