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What is ‘Venue’?

In which court will your case be filed? Many people think that your case will be brought in Manhattan, because that is where we have our office. Or, you might think that the choice is made based on where the accident happened. Neither is correct.

As your attorney, one of the important choices we make for you is the court where we file your lawsuit. This is called the “Venue” of your case. New York law requires the case to be “venued” in the county where either the Plaintiff ( the injured party) or the defendant (the person who caused your injury) resides. The venue is important because the value of your case is partly based on what kind of jury would hear your case if it ended up going to trial. Would the jurors be generous or stingy when it comes to deciding the amount of money you should receive for your injury?

Experienced attorneys know that jury verdicts can differ significantly between say, the Bronx or Westchester or Queens. We closely examine all possible venues before deciding which venue will bring the best result for you. For example, some clients may live in Westchester or Nassau County, but if their case can be brought in one of the New York City courts, perhaps based on a defendant’s residence, we would file in the court in the county where the defendant resides.

If you have any questions about Venue, feel free to send me an email or call.

Suzanne Holzberg


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